Emily Cressey
Quote Employees must be confident at home, to be competent at work.

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Are you losing the battle for your employees' hearts and minds?

Studies show that employees who are struggling with financial problems at home have trouble focusing on their jobs and are not as productive as they would otherwise be.  Leading companies across the country are beginning to invest in teaching their employees how to manage their finances.

Funny though it may seem — the same people who keep things running ship-shape at the office, may be struggling to organize their finances at home.  They may not understand the fundamentals of personal finance, or they may not be making their own financial planning a priority.

What can we do to solve this problem?

Emily Cressey Has Your Solution!

By working with employees to help them understand the principles of personal finance and giving them the tools to start tracking their money at home, Emily Cressey helps employees start planning now for the financial inevitabilities coming tomorrow.

Very few employees fully understand their benefits packages, how to invest for retirement, or even how to track their spending each month.  Accurate information is imperative for employees planning to retire well at the end of their working careers.

Show your employees you care about their future by investing in their financial success.  In these days of bankruptcy, rising foreclosure rates, and widespread divorce, no one can afford to be without a solid financial plan.  Help them learn to live successfully and joyfully while staying within their means.

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